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About Us

ZERO is a brand that provides you a zero-illness and zero-stress lifestyle. 'Affordable luxury' has colour: ZERO has made a great and deep impression in consumers' mind. With the precise marketing strategy, excellent brand reputation and professional attitude, we won the ASIA PACIFIC TOP EXCELLENCE BRAND AWARD in 2012, and MALAYSIA HEALTH & WELLNESS BRAND AWARDS in 2018, and GOLDEN BULL AWARD in 2019. We are always committed to our operating principle, 'Innovative Technology and Excellent Quality', ever since the establishment of our company. With the advanced production technology, we produce a huge range of innovative and professional modem two categories: smart massage chair and sofa and fitness equipment . With the compact, portable quality, our products have always been the young consumers' first choice. Quality has always been the crucial keys to our success. Apart from that, excellence, innovative, creative, quality of conscience and sustainable development are our company culture. In the future, we are going to produce a lot more new products to open up our new market. And the most important thing is we will keep on improving our quality and technology. With the focusing, confidence, love, peace of mind we hope that we could bring the zero-illness and zero-stress lifestyle to our consumers. Company Culture Brand Positioning Marketing Positioning     Strive For Excellence     Constant Innovation     Truly Quality     Sustainable Business       Customer Delight     Stylish Products       Innovative     Professionalism     Differentiation   read more
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X6 Bike

X6 Bike

RM 988.00

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